It’s OK! is/are: Robert Hecker (chameleon-voiced guitar guru, Redd Kross), Ellen Rooney (five-octave vocalist), Dennis McGarry (eight-string bass & three-piece suit), & Roy McDonald (drummer extraordinaire, The Muffs & Redd Kross). Individually, they can all stand as shred-lords, but collectively, they make a beautiful, hyper melodic (& harmonic) sound. 

It’s OK! have released four sixteen-song albums on Econoclast Recordings, each & every one of them a triumph of eclecticism. It’s OK! have been compared to Queen, Guided By Voices, Poi Dog Pondering, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, the Ink Spots, the BellRays, & A Giant Dog, to mention just a few. “We like all different kinds & sorts of music, so we write all different kinds & sorts of songs.” The band are currently constructing their fifth album. 

It's OK! have played AZ, CA, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, & WA, and look to cover even more territory before 2025. Future Forward! 

Succumb to the Mystical Power! Freak On! We Love You! It’s OK! 

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